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and Functions of the Liver;" Phil. Trans., 1853, part i. pp. 1-29.

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(a) Straining to climb hills and to meet head-winds. (6) Excessive fatigue.

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The liver of a stout American seaman, who had died from a

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Some roughness of the pericardium, or adhesion of the opposed sur-

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In other cases of malarial fever, I have seen long portions of the

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nosis should be very guarded, as the patient may survive three, four,

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ventilation, fumigations with chlorine, frequent change of linen, and

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The supply and distribution of the materials of nutrition and che-

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this subject we append the following remarks from the Coloma Times : —

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To fulfil the first indication, recourse must be had to —

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nifying a " watery " lesion, whereas it is well known that the lesions in

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which does not contain such an acid, for the potato, which does con-

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Skin cool. Tongue coated with yellow fur. Pulse 120. Complains

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recovered after perforation. Three-fourths have recovered after

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reducing fatty and oily substances, which would accordingly pass from

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491. The urine submitted to examination in cases of disease, should

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are particularly subject to the chronic forms of inflammation, suppura-

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individuals and races— Intermittent fever — Cold stage — Illustrative oases — Phenomsaa

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erect or sitting posture, and, if possible, in an open room. All cur-

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iminUof inflamrnaiimimdexc^^ The ckemdoal changmf it

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this case, unlike the other two, HC1 was taken after meals, and in sev-

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from the same cause. Distension of the hollow viscera by gas, as in

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oxygen when exposed to light or heat, in the property of retaining the

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is made for the soul. The physical and mentil development of the

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may be opened by a lancet or bistoury. In the majority of cases, the

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action of the poison be confined to one or more organs, and whether

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other antiphlogistic remedies, and ice to the surface of the tongue.

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yellow fur. A lozenge-shaped space of the surface of the tongae,

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toms above described are strongly marked, it is difficult to confound it

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to sterilization of the food, a fact readily established by the rapid improve-

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the advancement of medical science. These three institutions are

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The important symptoms are vomiting, emaciation, occipital pain, dizziness,


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