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Remedies. — Mercury? The abstinence from fat and oily sub-

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SrMPTOMS. — The attack of chronic hepatitis is in general so gradual,

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able to examine microscopically the liver of a patient who had experi-

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tion and fever which accompany its progress. The prognosis is most

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contained in a cartilaginous cranium. They have a well-developed

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brain. Continued healthy until age of seventeen. Since that time has

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633. Cause of the sounds. — Much difference of opinion has existed

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imperfections of the investigation of the changes of the urine^

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Whether the abscess had opened and discharged this pus before

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may be reasonably recommended, both to persons labouring under the

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phenomena, but they form the foundation of the manifestation aad


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sugar in the urine, and of ascertaining its quantity, see Part I., p. 120,

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