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investigations which we are about to present are imperfect in many

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ttotoio. in the best surroundings, together with every means known to science and experience to bring about tais

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improvement in public hygiene. Although the requirements of

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of an increase in the frequency of the respiration and pulse.

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\y placed the urinaty VeiTele ; likewife its feveral ProcefTes,

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stage. Uva ui'si is used chiefly in inflammation of the mucous mem-

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poison, and the changes which it induces ; because the relations

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monary congestion and hemorrhage, and of dilatation and hypertrophy

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chemical properties upon which these relations of fibrin and am-

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13th, 1 o'clock P. M. Says that he feels much better. Pulse 86,

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liver of those granules, and brownish-red and reddish-black masaeii

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can surgeons are, I think, inclined to regard it as dangerous, unscientific,

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entire year is perhaps that of Madeira, which to moderate fluctuations

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blood still going on, the brain must contain but a small quantity of

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sider this point. However originated, by this is meant a state in which,

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extremity, and the virus should be withdrawn by suction.

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dyspepsia, amenorrhcea, menorrhagia, leucorrhcea, hyperlactatio, chlo-

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transmission of the nervous force to the muscular system is the

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proposed it, was not present to explain his views, he moved that

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and, for certain purposes, a solution of oxalate of ammonia, a solution

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were, as a rule, singularly absent after the light trial meal usually em-

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been allowed to remain at rest for some time, we examine in turn the

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unknown — mankind would have been confined to the continent on

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Some years ago Eudel published a study wherein he showed that when

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cases the wall of the abscess contained only mononuclear cells, except in

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considered in another place. Applied locally in the form of douche, it


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