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latter form of recurrence is characterized by the fact that the metastatic

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determinate object. This disease most commonly occurs to persons

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Besides the diseases which have been mentioned above as having

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mode of treatment. This depressing and debilitating effect of the at-

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into the bladder, by means of an elastic gum bottle and catheter, twice

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remarkable changes they present in fevers. And, 5th. As it does not present

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bore a blended likeness to both remittent and tjphoid fevers, and

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sand, and aehes scattered not only over the whole island, but to a distance of 300

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tissues, and retard the formation of urea and uric acid. Codeine shares in

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brane not injected ; no enlargement of Peyer's patches or solitary glands;

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which there appeared no increase whatever of the cells within the capil-

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Is unable to give coherent answers, and is either stupid or unabk

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same maladies. The effect on the system of the poison of the several

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" any medical societies permanently organized in accordance with

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529. By the touch, we gain further information as to the size,

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accompanied or followed by a vacant expression of countenance. The

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tinct recollection of what has taken place ; feeling, however, a severe

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an earnest aud solemn protest against such unwarrantable destruc-

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This amendment was rejected, but, on the question of reconsi-

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'* Europe enjoys one mile of coast for every 156 square miles of surface. Thus,

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There is only one treatment of any value in acute otitis media, viz.,

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profession that I love, and to which I have devoted a long life ;

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117. When the food taken into the stomach is of a solid or pulpy

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Dr. THOMAS H. BUCKLER, of Paris {formerly of Baltimore), Suggestor of Lithia


intermittent, remittent, and even congestive types of malarial fever.

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attacks the muscles of the side ; lumbago, when its seat is the loins ;

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360. Tuberculous matter is at first deposited slowly, and without

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with the cautery, the bladder is held upward, the uterine arteries clamped,

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gynecological clinics in this city, the writer has found that retrocession

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same; an abundance of animal starch, and no grape sugar.

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of the exanthemata, and skin diseases in general, betray themselves by

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the other returning internally from the pylorus along the axis of the

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blood as blood, is the resultant of the elaboration of many organs,

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Prognosis. — Favourable, in proportion to the distinctness of the

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points; but they were always free from marks of inflammation, and

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there are constipation, tympanites, and wandering pains in the

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The pulse generally increases in frequency and is marked by a peculiar


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