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prominent, and of a deeper tint than the surrounding parts.
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within a few hours after taking the carbohydrates. Various carbohydrates,
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diarrhoea is present, a strict regulation of the diet according to the age
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tnd physiology. If anatomists and physiologists are not agreed
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strenuously objected to, often causes a hysteroidal seizure, in which
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men was 19,511 grains, and that by four women was 21,180 grains.
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Exterior. — Body in good condition, not emaciated; limbs full
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and active movement of their bodies; the swiftest animals would
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alae of the nose. A pimple appearing in the latter situation, will often
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The heart-sounds are clear, and there is no enlargement of the organ.
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degli anamali da sperimento." Giornale Internacionale delle Scienze Mediche, 1888.
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cannot create force any more than they can create matter. Their
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ing which time he had greatly emaciated ; had had more or less fever, and
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cular. The operation was simple suture of the canal.
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food. A forred tongue ; languor and aversion to exercise of mind or
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cause arising, will have the same efiect on the position of the heart, as
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the investigation of the changes of the blood in health and in dis-
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poison, whence this difference ? The difficnlty and complexity of
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the windows. At other times he would speak and act as if he had
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spirits ; the sleep is disturbed, and the mind generally more or less
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confer with the Teachers' Committee, and felt great confidence that
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tion unfavourable to the free return of blood to the heart. Cold. Im-
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oe of a slate color, and the interior of a bronze color. In a case
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— may become the theatre of these false impressions ; but the eye is the
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living body ; they are also the most efficient cause of restoration from
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found in combination, with a mai'ked predominance, however, of one
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diseases in those cases from which these observations were dehTed
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heart itself; in narrow-chested persons, and in children, they may
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lines drawn npon it — the promulgation of the doctrine of the globu-
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however, this is past, orthopedic measures should be employed with-
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and in a few hours the reaction changes from acid to alkaline, tod
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of digestion, the generation of much acid in the stomach, and high-
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be slight and under perfect control. The traction of the vaginal walls


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