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patient should be allowed to sleep ; and if much exhausted, may take

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recognized and from the ampler provision of hospital accommodation the

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bodies constitute physiology, or, as it may be more aptly termed,

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by blowing into a bottle, and is caused by the passage of air into a

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wall of adhesions, almost without exception, do well after operation. The

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monly smaller than in the vmmodified form. Several of the papulae do


nifying a " watery " lesion, whereas it is well known that the lesions in

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statement. of the prominent symptoms and alterations of the solids

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pleurisy may also occur as secondary affections. Their symptoms are

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termittent fever; the sympathetic system is not so rapidly aroused^ and

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geneous yellowish-gray matter, with similar atrophy. 4. Disseminated

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in this meduUa ; and thence the numerous questions that have been raised on the


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