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this a sufficient cause ? Without doubt it is. Suppose the extreme

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.547. The howels are variously disordered; sometimes confined, from

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These latter nerves are supposed to be chiefly destined for the nutrition

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extremely obscure and uncertain, and the same symptoms may be

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less chronic course with disease of the lymph-glands, or with ear-complica-

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is, we think, sufficiently accurate to justify the belief that he saw what

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similar applications must be made to the mucous membrane. Before

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natural functions in the cerebellum, and contended that if the

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the occurrence of these osseous tumors may thus be explained by a pro-

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pointed at the eighth annual meeting of -the American Medical

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332. Recent pathological researches have shown Fig- 5.

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and well-known trees, we mention a few whose perfection and pro-

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to the atmosphere the change from the venous to the arterial hue

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superior portion of spinal cord. The effused serum appeared tx>

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which he lives, is shut up to itself ; it is circumscribed bj definite boundaries ; it

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sician ; and not any physician, but one who has a taste for investi-

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portion of the muscle of the heart, or of the muscular ooat of the aorta was tiMtai

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active, passive, &c., for plethora, inflammation, and congestion ; and

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first rises in the morning, and in slight cases continues till after break-

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extremities is peculiar to persons of advanced age, and is known as

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scale that the amount of sickness among a population increases as the

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appetite was fairly good, the bowels were regular, and beyond restless-

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mater and the adhesions were of long standing, and were not con-

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shade was grateful to the feelings, during the almost tropical heat

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During the next twenty-four hours the patient vomited twice, but otherwise

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cancerous uterus. His technique is as follows : Bougies are inserted into

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sulphate of quinia. After the intermission of one week, the chill

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bodies, and of exciting the forces by which they are surrounded, and


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