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The stoppage of the coffee generally results in a rapid cure, much more
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the strong contraction of the fibrin of this liquor sanguinis freed from
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patient himself. If practicable, change of air and scene, with the
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and depressants — viz., that of diminishing the frequency of the heart's
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first effect is commonly produced in persons unused to the action of
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tube being heated to occasion a draft ; eggs swallowed two or three
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This fact forms the true explanation of the asserted efficacy of medi-
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divided into numerous branches, the smallest of which were not larger
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mercury (1-1000), or of nitrate of silver (1-100), will cure this condi-
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muscular fibres being strong and abrupt, and the elastic reaction of
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Coagulation of the Blood, by E. BrQcke, British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical
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epithelium ; quantity, U-f-2.24 per cent.=20.445 grammes.
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lirst irregularly, by transient flushes, which are succeeded by a steady,
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days longer, when after an interval of forty-eight hours between visits a
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without any inflammatory action. A strong confirmation of these
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In very rare instances it has occurred earlier than the eighth year, and
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without pain, heat, or redness. On examining the mucous membrane
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1 Lebmaxm'fl Fhysiologioal Chemifltry, Sng. ed., rol. i. p. 1^9 ; Am. ed., y<A. i. p.
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rior of the cheeks. There is a constant and profuse discharge of
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of thought solely through the senses, it is upon the senses that they


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