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to be very interested, as it seemed an unusual sort of affection, when he

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It is probable that the dose of malaria was small, and aside from

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the mass elevated three feet was 200,000 cubic miles, and equalled in weight 363

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doses of calomel and of the sulphuret of antimony in combination have

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cated the existence of chemical actions which would result in the

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action of the malarial poison upon one or the other of these sjs-

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most advanced views upon the important subject of cystitis.

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the ulcerative process, would we think, bear out the latter statement.

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Tinct. opii, TTL v vel TY\, x, Tinct. digitalis TTX x) may be given at

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the period, secondary fever sets in, characterised by extreme rest-

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complications. It is also a common accompaniment of the debilitating

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total of forty-one cases so treated, the average time for cure being six

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comprises tubercle, the second embraces the several forms of cancer.

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several instances, a more complete enumeration of methods of investi-

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where they cannot be removed by the knife, we can do nothing more

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to cause the remnant of the membrana tympani to adhere to the promon-

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massage, since the uterine opening of the tube is always closed, and the pus

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of under the head of Spinal Irritation (p. 347). Pains of the in-

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stomach and bowels which it occasions gives rise to infantile remit-

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after the removal of the ursemic element. The idea of sepsis entering

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operations for prolapsus by Freund's method performed by Brunn, calls at-

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flexed, and feet extended. Rhachitic deformity of chest and curvature

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should, also, confide the care of himself and family, as much as

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the form of typhus, and the pustules becoming flattened, livid, or

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plants, but also may be presumed to multiply the microscopic — both

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Chemical change in the organs and apparatus, and chemical

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In the drunkard, the symptoms are those of delirium tremens.

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purulent fluid, or pus; cedema of the surrounding cellular membrane.

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either no adhesions have existed, or that they were imperfect, or having ex-

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If this should not suffice, the common remedies for diarrhoea must be

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and injection of the eyes ; and distension of the superficial veins of the

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should be given every two hours, until the gums are affected ; or,

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(by him named febricula), in 30 cases, was from 3 to 10 days, the

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The right lung reaches to about the level of the sixth rib in front, of

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We say more than realized, because the omissions which we pointed out

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mittee of the Rhode Island Medical Society, appoint for that purpose,


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