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ter, I say, whence its origin, give us a valuable theory or a useful
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hot vaginal douches even when menstruating. No harm has resulted from
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seen it, in its brief existence, gather into its fold thousands of
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Complications. — Pneumonia (58 cases in 63) ; pleurisy ; ente-
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ways ; with paralysis, convulsions, and tonic spasms.
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of which depend ultimately upon the forces of the sun. After the
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each other. No attempt has been made to form a noso-
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diseases, Building Acts, and the like, is clear from the fact that it is most
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to the processes of secretion, nutrition, and excretion.
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the generous community which it has honored with its presence.
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of view, with reference to the true causes of the coagulation of the
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called attention to it in 1852, but authors generally rarely referred to the
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the summer and fall months, and as early as August, the water in
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structure. The canal which incloses the spinal column presents
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the patient must be attended to, and the drunkard must be supplied
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373. That part of the spinal marrow to and from which these nerves
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existing between the force and time expended in boring a brass cylinder, and the
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would induce a relapse, which would often prove fatal. In the
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ture on the same frequency of the pulse is nearly twice as great in the
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Rubeska's paper emphasizes the belief held by the majority of operating
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by subtracting the moist blood-corpuscles from 1000 parts of blood,
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heart, rarely occurs as a distinct affection, and the post-mortem appear-
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mal heat and headache ; urine scanty and turbid ; alvine dejections
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Considerable squamous epithelium, occasionally in large sheets. A con-
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We not rather look to it as an index pointing to other disorder f In this case an
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many of the constituents of the blood, and of the secretions formed
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additions, the Sol is -Cohen compressed-air apparatus, various electrical
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symptom varied greatly with the brand of serum employed. That of Gibier
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duced here, with some fear that it may be thought out of place.
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Early Motion in Fractures, Especially of the Lower Extremity.
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effect of this sudden bulging of the rigid parietes of the ventricles is
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without any return to the vigorous administration of the sulphate


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