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a constant phenomenon of ursemia, and, indeed, made this the basis for
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numerous difficulties and imperfections and absolute failures neces-
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the glottis and epiglottis red and swollen, and containing serum, sero-
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150 lbs. ; tall, spare frame, light hair, blue eyes ; pale, sallow com-
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another fact of the same import in California. We have seen in
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Atrophy is accordingly accompanied by paleness of the parts affected :
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indicate it, and if the pulse rises under its use, it may be continued
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and, if a delegate, the title of the institution from which he has
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combined with nitric acid and laudanum ; leeches to the anus ; strych-
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763. In the cases specified — that is to say, in health, in disease,
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brilliant discoveries of Davy^ demonstrated the close relation, if
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blood. The mucous membrane of the stomach presented an ap-
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tions ; suppression of the menses or lochia ; plethora ; violent emotions
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and a frame destined to last till a very advanced age, are blessings
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Martins was purified by Leo X., and the surface, after being divided
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The abdomen is further subdivided into seven regions (three central
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torpid state for three months. He was never entirel/ without the power of auidoa
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to a few points only, it is often traceable to a syphilitic taint, will be
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Dr. Christison, of Edinburgh, six times). 6. The existence of other
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seem to disagree, it should be carefully avoided. Where there is
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several fingers' breadths beyond the median line. The growth appeared dis-
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ing that the nervous system of organic life is chiefly concerned in the production
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brings upon them the whole weight of general disease? Para
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conditions of the existence of all other phenomena.
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milion colour. The eschar is sometimes covered with a soft pultaceous
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so that the later stages of such patients may escape the observation of the
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ascribed to ocular defects in these cases. While he does not oppose
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and after a longer interval, separates into a clear yellowish fluid and
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quassia, and a great variety of remedies belonging to the class of bitters
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