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inspiration or expiration, arising probably fi-om the sudden disj^lacement
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not only correspondingly, but absolutely diminished in amount,
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are much more frequent, patient often not realizing that he has had one.
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of the liver during health have shown that the blood^corposcles
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this class belong nux vomica, and the active principles strychnia and
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In treating tuberculosis of the hip-joint the author advises very prolonged
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tion a few months ago, there were no tubercle bacilli present. 1
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Whilst the ancient philosophers failed to establish the exact
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mouth. Pulse, 90 ; respiration, 15. Temperature of atmosphere,
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Cask 8. This occurred September, 1828, in a child of Hannah
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have been due entirely to the wounding of bloodvessels during the
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intervals; sometimes there are several in one day; in other cases,
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we can produce the same results by depressants, on the one hand, and
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tinuously through space, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the
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fants, has been suddenly changed l^ mental afli┬╗cti<ni8 to an atrocious pe^on?
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mals, by Lionel S. Beale, M. D. London, 1856, pp. 13, 16, 19, 72.
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ous action, both in the cerebro-spinal and sympathetic nervous
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known, almost with lightning speed, to the profession in every part
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very red at tip, and the surface is dry and rough, like sand-paper.
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even to the lips, which swell, excoriate, and sometimes become the
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with difficulty that it can be felt, and with still greater difficahy
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especially the great toe, in the other the larger joints. By the more
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were not much larger than a fine silk thread. The clot was almost
adhesions, like those between the dura mater and arachnoid mem-
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331. But the theory of cells is applicable not merely to the solid
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conditions of the pelvic organs, it has been demonstrated that these
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Malignant degenerations are very apt to occur in the liver. They
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teral evidence afforded in Europe, from the frontiers of Asia to the
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nitric acid would throw down a white precipitate. The addition of


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