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V. Goddard (personal communication to Gibson. Instit. and Pract.
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technique of the two methods, but will refer you to
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chronic, and in pernicious anaemia, degenerations are common. In acute
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the patients for the first time received adequate med-
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City Hospital, Qnincy, Mass., for the erection of a nurses'
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opposite to that in which the patient passed to his
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when it was noted that he was having an afternoon tem-
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not drawn to scale. The index, though well selected, is too short.
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mucous membrane of the ventricle seems to be retracted
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was followed by improvement in the patient's general condition. This
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be formed and correct therapeutic indication decid-
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It therefore follows as a matter of course that even
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5. The Administration of the Public Health and Educa-
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movements which seem to have originated in voluntary movements by
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arcoxia 90 mg tabletki powlekane
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6. Suture of the Faucia! Pillars for Hremorrhage Fol-
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search of the few records available for the past five
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accompanied by slowing of the heart-action, which was due to a stimu-
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is, however, too soft, and yields to the pressure which is exerted upon it.
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the latter. However, in this case no trouble was experi-
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])robable to the most extreme visionary degree that
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and nineteen days' leave of absence from September i,
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kidneys, acutely affected at one time, are thereafter
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tion without ether for the removal of adenoids is that, w'hile the central
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Some of the fractures in Velpeau's, Hamilton's, Howell's, and one of
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if not all of declinations are nothing but virtual tor-
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the presence of pathogenic microbes in the primary urinary channels,
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growth cells whose proliferating j)ower is suspended under physiological
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Fo.K, Carroll, Passed Assistant Surgeon (on leave).
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chair, lost his balance and fell forward, but not out of the chair, pro-
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arms. Below the knee and elbows the lesions are generally different
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been conclusively demonstrated that tuberculin does
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of three or four weeks, and have given no further trouble. As a rule,
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tion of fifty-one cases to 10,000 of all skin diseases.
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and weight rapidly, and is now in good health save for a
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the last twenty-six years. The tuberculous material in the Pathological In-
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slashings of silk in the leather. This artistic con-
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the one which I had under observation, professional advice was not even
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deserves to be described here on account of its rarity :
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history of the Journal has been one of constant im-
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cation of the ointments, pastes, or plasters employed, need scarcely be
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perfectly, and now, a year and a half since the time
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to believe that the parents would object to the com-
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to diagnosticate deep-seated suppurations at an early stage the hesitation
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that of a second day diffuse peritoneal lesion. The par-


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