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a mecbanical nature applied to the anterior columns may not occa-
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symptoms which would at first sight indicate congestion or inflammatory action,
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was opened by means of poultices. Wine and bark were ordered.
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in bundles, through and among the diseased connective tissue elements.
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authors; while by others, amongst whom is Lawrence, such fears have been
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spinal centres are similarly controlled by the sensorv centres, and
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No subject is more interesting than the origin of diseases,
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plied to the same region. This checked them at once; she improved, was able
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membrane was thickened^ dense, and almost coriaceous, of a reddish-
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alienated from it; but, infused with an "esprit du corps," inspired by his
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Case 5. — Chorea; areolar tissue inflammation and erysipelas;
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interesting case of epilepsy in which unmeaning laughter, tetanoid spasm, and
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are but lightly touched on by the writer last named. We
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chiefly English, Germans, Spaniards, and French. The matter
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days the cervical glands began to enlarge, and an elastic tumour was formed


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