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fluid to that of a tenacious ropy mucus, and in quantity from a slight

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malarial fever the saliva, according to my observations, is always

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is too large in quantity, or of too nourishing a kind. If the patient is

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will scarcely be required in the case of a disease which is proved by

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seasons ; the spring and autumn ; and all the causes of debility and

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and ''hose of Hysteria and Syncope are placed in contrast for purposes

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after death, and is consistent with every fact and observation re-

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After standing forty-eight hours there was no deposit. Uric se^

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spots varying from two inches to half an inch in diameter of a uni-

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ounce or an ounce, in combination with twenty or thirty drops of

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therefore abandoned without, however, having produced any change in the

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into consideration in the treatment of anteflexion.

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cardamoms, &c. ; the neuralgic pain of the stomach (gastrodynia),

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Ixxxviii., 1798 ; Phil. Trans, abridged, vol. xviii. p. 286.

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in which he used injections of iodoform ointment in a similar manner.

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cipient period. 2. The period of reaction. 3. The typhoid period ;

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handred and seventy-four copies have been distributed to members,

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was received and entered upon the minutes in the following terms : —

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by efforts at elimination, involves the phenomena of cerebral typhus.

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The illustrative cases in Chapter VII., though offering each a sugges-

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In obstinate constipation careful inquiry should be made after

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known a case where the ear could detect little or nothing by ausculta-

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less than 8 cm. If the statistics for induced labor are taken for cases

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corpuscles, not only in quantity, but also in numbers. The size

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first sound of the heart ; a still stronger and quicker one produces a

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acid, and as a result in 35 cases has had absolute primary union.

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were absent, but a jerky tremor was observed. The triceps-reflex was pres-

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the descendants of the tuberculous. The alkalies are used as above — to aid

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action decidedly acid. AfLer standing 12 hoars no deposit ; after

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cinoma, it is invariably absent later in the disease. Since these changes

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emmenagogaies, &c. ; and the stimulating remedies so advantageously

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tion to be settled is. What are these relations, and upon what are

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