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period of time, and, in the first case, to what was practically the same thing.

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pura, but the subsequent history of the case shows that it must be

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matter is fashioned, moulded into definite forms and apparatuses,

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688. The impression communicated to the finger by the pulse is

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When these cases are examined with the laryngoscope, and it is only

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destroyed. The solid state is as essential to the existence of organ-

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be restored as promptly as possible by a hot brick or bottle to the feet,

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upon that portion of the nervous system which influences the secre-

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108, fuller and stronger ; respiration 82, not so full and labored as

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public and private edifices. A vast deal, to be sure, yet remains

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even contention. Whenever such cases unfortunately occar, and

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greatly diminished, in inflammation of the kidney, and under the opera-

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perform, nevertheless, muscular movements which can be In no other way excited

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sickness. Pulse 92, watery and feeble, but stronger than yester-

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shown, that the nei'ves, when stimulated by galvanism, do not act as

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and general improvement in the patient's condition. The writer calls atten-

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The fibrin was greatly deficient. The deficiency of the fibrin in

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When the hsemorrhage is profuse, astringents may be given internally.

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rolling up its strata, heaving up immense continents from the

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in any conrt in this State, as prima facie proof of any marriage, birth or

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change from the dark reddish-brown and purplish color to the

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Contracted Pelvis; Delivery at Term of Living Child by the

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2. Cephalalgia dyspeptica vel sympathetica. — Diagnosis. Pain

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in the heart, and a deposition of it in the left arm and left ihigli took plaae. Ik

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creased to the size of three fists. There is almost no discomfort felt ex-

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mass, and of a gamboge yellow when spread in thin layers. The


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