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intolerance of light and sound, and the delirium, instead of being of

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B. — Eepeat the enema of sulph. of quinia. Diet, wine whey, soft

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or without enlargement and hypertrophy of the corresponding ventricle.

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increased, and the copious water-bibbing positively aids the meta-

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Experiment No. 6. July 2, 1891, 10 a.m. Medium-sized rabbit 0.2

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by collections of hardened faeces, or by tumours of neighbouring

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in the scale of animal and vegetable existence, the phenomena of

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intervals, either alone, or in combination with a grain of hydrargp'um

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The effect which these alterations in the structure of the heart

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members too much neglected, we left it with medical schools of the

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alphabetical list, a list sufficiently copious to give a catalogue of

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in any quarter of the globe. Although as a body you may not be

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phosphates, at least, has been derived from the dead, disintegrated,

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exist numerous points in medical ethics and etiquette through

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(4,) That state of exhaustion which commonly supervenes in the

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thighs, and muscles of the abdomen ; the eyes are sunk, and sur-

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much below its natural frequency in health ; and a marked improve-

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typhoid fever is treated expectantly with a well-arranged dietary and effi-

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pearance resembling that of chronic inflammation. The exterior

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intact. More rarely the local symptoms are accompanied by fever.

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benefiting, were, as was conclusively demonstrated, by careful exa-

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In the practical expounding of the subject it does not seem to us that

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are found desirable for this Journal, will be translated at its expense.

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are numerous, small, and florid, and coated with pus of a creamy con-

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over a long and continuous period, there is practically no secretion of


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