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The solution is prepared by dissolving 69 grains of sulphate of copper

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temperature of the surface was not greatly elevated.

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Sir John Ross, in the year 1840, picked up some brash ice of a brown yellow

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present. Sediment, chiefly normal blood globules, partly in rouleaux.

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patient is very thirsty. The bowels are confined, and the evacuations

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original statement of the relation between the pediculus and the taches

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and divided. A strip of gauze is passed down into the vagina and the peri-

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water, or vinegar and water, which may be made very cold by ice, or

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Prophylaxis, — Spacious and airy apartments for the sick, complete

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constituents, the clot is firm ; when it contains much serum, it is loose.

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Class VITL Diseases of the Generative System. Unchanged ex-

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neuralgia is applied. It may have its seat in any of the nerves

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* Journal de M6decine, Cbimrgie et Pbarmaoie, par Baober, torn. zdii.

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determinate object. This disease most commonly occurs to persons

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B. — Sulphate of quinia gr. vij, every three hours, up to gr. il

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person of sufiicient judgment and delicacy. For, the physiciu

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I. The first indication is fulfilled by a full dose of calomel and

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rosis, &c., and in almost all diseases of females accompanied by much

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the forms of malarial fever, intermittent, remittent, and congestive,

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coughing above described, are the pathognomonic s}Tiiptoras.

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except in very plethoric subjects, or where there ai-e signs of congestion

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position, the back and sacrum are apt to slough. The urine is gene-

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strongly predisposing to the disease. Like some chemical sub-


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