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tient to himself, as the increased secretion is the best relief to the

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to its integral parts. All terrestrial action is an interchange of these two functions

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dual atoms of bodies, at exceedingly small distances. Be this as it

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persons. In some it is habitually clean, in others slightly furred ; in

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regular. The patient should wear nothing tight about the neck or

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they last for several hoars; in such examples the concrelaoQ is

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thus binds together in harmonious union its scattered members all

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by studying the alterations of which the tegumentarj membranes

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absorbent vessels, whether veins or lymphatics, to take up the fluid

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On Manifestations of Disea^of Nerve Centres. — Dr. C. B. Chap-

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ing, varying from SO to 60 in the minute ; the pulse beats from 120 to

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the blood, and by the alterations of the secretions and nutritive

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the product of local disease in the rectum. When, therefore, pus or

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tion as to the course of those gentlemen who had volunteered

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pHp-lQC>r-4(9F4I-pie4«De40r^OICDOO«000«Or-iCDiQC4m * 'CPCOeO

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clavicular space by turning the neck to the opposite side; the axillae,

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the same appearance; skin cool and relaxed; face not so rnoA

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a portion of its chief constituents. In the destruction of the effete

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remaining instance the patient had taken over a pint of the tincture of

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out antitoxic serum. One of the most interesting features of this is the low

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not in use. By firm pressure of the lid-surface on the cornea a network of

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Exciting.- — A diet restricted to a few articles of food, as salt meat

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terized, fetor and local sensitiveness disappearing. The operation is painless.

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