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to construct a philosophical system. Almost all the systems hitherto
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been stated, in young children ; and also in females, a fact which may
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and eclampsia without the beginning of labor as a direct result of the stimu-
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finally lose all motion and life. The distinction, then, between cold
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has made a study of nine cases of diphtheria treated with antitoxin in which
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years; American. February 1, 1894. Child has had strabismus since
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death, of determining definitely the previous diseases and habits ef
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such as tabes mesenterica in childhood , and white swelling of the joints
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407. On the other hand, in certain cases, as in ague, may not this
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merely thumps (flutters). The two sounds are merged into one, and
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duces very little pain on account of the insensitiveness of the cervix.
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duced by various poisons, as the woorara, ticunas, and curare, by large
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local or special character; and being also calculated to elucidate the
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fever ; coma ; an impaired constitution ; previous bad habits of life,
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Principles ov Treatment best adapted to prevent the Formation
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as decided fever in comatose or delirious cases in which no convulsion
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sand. These yellow masses formed about two-fifths of the contents
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age, its symptoms are dyspnoea, wheezing, cough, orthopnosa,
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and inteUigence of animals, correspond, in a great measure, to the rapidity of the
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Artery. — Immediately to the left of the intersection with the mesial
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that these concretions are more common in some seasons than in
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ally, which registry shall show, in case of white births, the time and place,
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