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On Anosmia and Ohhrosis. — Dr. H. P. Ayees, of Fort Wayne,

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This principle applies to general, and not local bloodletting.

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are at the same time shooting pains in the forearms, arms, and

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concretion of the right side. The dyspnoea depends on the deficiency

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each species of animals^ and corresponds with the development and per-

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in colour, and abounding in urea as well as other natural ingredients.

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with warm, tepid, or cold water, or with vinegar and water, and

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or only somewhat quickened, obtained a minimum of 14, a maximum

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443. As the intellectual faculties become possessed of the materials

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to severe diseases ; but when diffused in smaller quantity through the

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nutritive fluids, interfered with the development and correlation of

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A second case is more striking and deserves to be reported in detail :

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CArsES. — Predisposing. Sanguine temperament ; full habit of

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In a few such cases it has seemed evident to me that quinine and

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tliese cases the beat of the heart should be preferred.

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tion and suppuration of the surrounding textures; formation of

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gastric secretion. This will probably prove a point of very great value

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parts of the body, should be combined with the local application of

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the excitement of the second force. The direction of a force may

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and the expectoration is abundant, provided that at the same time there

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treating aged people, with entire satisfaction. It should be pushed

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abundant sputa from the lungs ; perhaps they are also useful by

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(3.) Remedies which act upon the structures of the body. This


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