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vims be genuine and properly inserted by inoculation, the human body
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thirty years ago, is alone well worth the price of the volume. They are
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malarial poison, sudden and dangerous depression of the system.
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Foyer's glands were enlarged and elevated. These glands were
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of a diffusible stimulus with an opiate, such as expei'ience has shown
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Chestnut Hill, one of the healthiest suburbs of Philadelphia, was seen
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Indications. — I. To diminish the inflammatory action. II. To
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to the processes of secretion, nutrition, and excretion.
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A Text-book on Nervous Diseases, by American Authors. Edited by Francis X.
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with some degree of dyspnoea. These symptoms would accompany or
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anus, and covered with sldn or mucous membrane, or painful folds of
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ennobled by virtue — found it chaotic and discordant, we left it
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a spoonful of soup, or in sweetened water. It should always be
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influence the contractions of the heart has been proved experimentally;
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times during the third week of typhoid fever, the microscopical appear-
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the person more liable than others to the formation of tubercles,
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(Hyd. c. creta, or pil. hydrarg. gr. i., Pulv. opii gr. i, three times a-day),
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membranes, or discharged by its several outlets. Of these fibrin plays
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convulsions in which the temperature was not elevated. There is, how-
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inspiration, the apex of the heart, instead of beating in the fifth inter-
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and when exercised for a short period, all the pecuniary obligations
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nence from every kind of solid food, and, in extreme cases, a recur-
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gait, and a disinclination to exertion, whether of mind or body. The
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* On Some Points in the Anatomy of the Liver of Man and Vertebrate Animals,
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