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that if the action of the intellect, when manifested by motions or
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It is worthy of note that, in the different forms of malarial fever,
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into streets, was soon covered with houses, churches, and other
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mass ; and it would seem to be particularly this portion of the mass
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Urine, the Viscera of the Abdomen and of the Chest, the Pulse, and
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fever, and not only give rise to a distinct set of phenomena, but
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quickness, regularity, and degree of equality of the heart's contrac-
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of the malarial poison had reduced the colored blood-corpuscles to
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in preparing men for the exercise of the ring and of the turf. The
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mucus; but it is now applied to any dischai'ge, arising from merely
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Blister has drawn ; serum from the blistered surface of a golden
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mination of the structure and development of the circulatory and
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standing of the practitioner in attendance ; the practice of the lat-
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hours, a slight deposit of mucous corpuscles and triple phosphate.
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vations thus far recorded do not enable us to settle this question
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ileum several large cicatrized areas, with raised, uneven edges. Micro-
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peffer, and Kothsay in Scotland, of Enghien near Paris, of Bareges in
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and the patient could walk rapidly and even run without inducing dyspnoea.
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menced early, and if the reigning epidemic is of a mild character.
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and suppuration has set in, sym])toms of hectic fever, of gieater or less
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fluid, — to puncture with the curved needle, in the case of anasarca
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read, and such portion of it as related to the action of the Dubuque
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columns, though marred and broken, still retain enough of beauty
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herpetic eruption on the lips, redness and soreness of the fauces and
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