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Intestinal canal. — The chief functional disorders of the intestinal
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cause is peiTnanently removed ; according to the latter, the effect is
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i Read before the College of Physicians, Philadelphia, October 2, It
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27th, 12 o'clock M. Pulse 120, larger in volume, but stil!
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usually examined first, unless this has been clearly walled off by adhesions.
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and copper. Dilute sulphuric acid in doses of from half a drachm to a
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of those maladies which often disturb the tranquillity of the moflk
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the illness mentioned she has had nocturnal epilepsy, sometimes three
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and forearms, is not an unfrequent symptom in mimosis inquieta.
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latory, of the digestive, of the urinary, of the generative, of the loco-
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some features of a tropical rather than of the temperate climate, to
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perverse and irritable, and in persons of both sexes who possess little
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branchial apparatus is placed in the same cavity in whioh are
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must necessarily be removed and whose places must be filled by other
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^ There are alfo two other Knives new ufed in DifTedling,
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pHcations. The general principle of the treatment will be to avoid
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various causes, and like it occurs in paroxysms, and in dyspeptic
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calculi or gravel in the uriniferous tubes, ureters, or bladder ; external
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the worst-looking throats give, at times, literally no symptoms, and, for
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Causes. — Predisposing. The male sex ; robust and vigorous con-
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endemics, in which they always prevail with equal intensity ; and
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called into full play ; exhaustion ensues, and then that same function
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It would be difficult to find an aurist of today who would reject
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addition to the capillary vessels, it involves chiefly the veins, whilst
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ship with the pubes. It had been in marked retrocession. The case
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exertions mental and bodily ; and this waste must be supplied by food.


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