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the tunica conjunctiva of the eye and the whole surface of the body of
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that he had received a paper on a case of extra-uterine foetation
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symptoms, but they are generally preceded by dyspepsia, with its
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remedies which has the effect of rendering the pulse frequent, small,
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numbers. Thus, in the male, the difference between standing and
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general thing, had no diflloulty in disposing of their fruit ; but now there an to
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during the summer months, revealed by the psychrometer. The
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a prolonged whistle, or the momentary and interrupted chii-ping of
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fluid. The disease assumes, in different epidemics, and often in the
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dowed with the same power as nerves in general ; that is, from the vital principle
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be allowed to sleep. When there is much debility, stimulant drinks,
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tables. The third was an amorphous and very poisonous alkaloid, left behind
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[The use of the cautery in total extirpation, though a new departure
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lidated portion of lung, gentle percussion elicits the clear sound of the
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crying when picked up in the arms, or when the legs were moved, or
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that is, cases of great frequency ; but i have not met with any well-
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two o'clock in the morning, with pain in the ball of the gi-eat toe of
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<Y Cause of the Coagulation of the Blood, 1858. The Fibrinous Constituents of
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— for it is well known that the fevers of autumn are the most
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ential stain is followed up with care it will be wise to withhold judgment as to any prognosis
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motions of the voluntary muscles in epilepsy being increased, in apo-
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tion of a fact, it is necessary to reascend to all those by which the author had
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the pei'icardium, the more dense foirmations just described, the adhe-
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282 cases treated without serum in the same city, 49 died, or 17.4 per cent.
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Remedies. — The nauseating remedies, as tartar-emetic, and ipeca-
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washed with water, taking care not to injure the mucous membrane;
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America upon malarial fever, agree with those of Europe.
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