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frequency of the pulse is greater in the morning than in the evening.
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upon which malarial fever had exerted its fall effects, and some-
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the vital principle, by the action of the forces of the sun through
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examination, and calculation, and classification of the most im-
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have transmitted it to their offspring. Professor Fournier proves this
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clinical professor of obstetrics in the jefferson medical college ; clinical
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peritoneum has been almost abandoned. If introduced at random among the
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marked character of the symptoms. Headache followed by rigidity
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and water with reference to the absorption and radiation of heat),
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great caution, and only when tlie pulse, during the fit, is full and hard.
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altered, when the compounds for the secretions and nutrition of
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case has, of course, by this time been appreciated, and the fact noted that
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and more rain as they become chilled by the north winds. During
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danum. — In the intervals. — The metallic and vegetable tonics already
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the air, yariously modified and blended, constitute climate, of which
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expectoration; by the absense of the stethoscopic signs of pneumonia.
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ive fever, those remedies should be employed, which excite ^
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In those cases in which the cause of death was not found in the
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much irritability is present, opiate injections may be required ; and if
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the granulations from the air. In healthy persons the granulations
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II. The second indication is fulfilled by regularity of life, avoiding
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a space existed in front of the fundus uteri and the broad ligaments in which
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single synonym Epidemic Continued Fever, is alone retained. As,
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posterior wall of the right meatus there were no symptoms to indicate on
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companied by spasmodic contractions of left, sometimes of both arms ;


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