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enucleating the cyst is certainly of value in preventing soiling of the

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of no pain ; and, before the complete loss of reason, said that he

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several instances of grip that I have treated I am thoroughly convinced

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of those which are commonly designated antispasmodics, as valerian,

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views is the fact that the vigorous administration of the most active

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chronic affections of the brain, in which other remedies have failed, a

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§ 7. All discussions in consultation should be held as secret and

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parts of less importance to the economy. "We may safely assume, then,

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514. Diagnosis of Pus and Mucus. — Much stress was formerly laid

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A drachm of laudaniun and a scruple of calomel administered at the

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around the throat. Under the external and internal application of

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pages. A very clear and succinct account of the best modes of ascertaining

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light it was decomposed and its oxygen liberated. Experiments and Observations

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the age of puberty, and in a large proportion of cases makes its first

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treatment is partly that of the complications which may exist with it,

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Considerations of depth and scope are invariably embarrassing, but

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the black slate constitutes the surface rock. The first houses

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of the intestines themselves. The treatment, supposing that we are

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of form, of size, and number, which can scarcely be explained except as

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blished, it is evident that such local action can only produce dangerous

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bronzed color. Upon nearer inspection, the lobules were found to

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dae to the restoration of the functions of the sudoriparous glands,

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hypersemia (excess of blood), qualified by the words general, local,

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this can best be done ; but I trust I shall be pardoned for saying

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359. Tubercle is sometimes, though rarely, deposited before birth ; is


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