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11th, 11 o'clock A.M. Severe vomiting commenced last nigit

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The Association took up the special order, being the report on

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(dermatitis herpetiformis of Duhring). We are unable to see the justi-

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occm-rence. An increased loudness of sound is often heard during

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to its own diseases, and to repair the most severe injuries.

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entire year is perhaps that of Madeira, which to moderate fluctuations

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supervene on fractures or operations performed on bones. It often

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the last half century. — Dr. Jos. McDowell, St. Louis, Mo.

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Integrity and Palatability are two characteristics of Scott's Emulsion.

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and 21*3 days for females, the average for the two sexes being 20^

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This remedy must be persevered in for a considerable period where

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mach is so irritable that I could not ascertain the temperaiure uiukr hu

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sitions of medical research, and presenting satisfactorily the course

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its appearance, the patient will often complain of distressing palpi ta-

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them with a critical purpose and effect. The others have been

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nothing could be more injurious, and the reason why in large cities

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organic matter on the sulphates contained in the earth, or in water

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tinct, and elevated. Several of these glands in the lower poftka

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in mind. The progressive enlargement or diminution in the size of

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257. Sometimes the constitution is not strong enough to build up and

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and imperfect though it be, is an effort in the right direction.

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The success of Fellows' Syrup of Hypophosphites has tempted

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Symptoms. — The discharge varies in consistence from a limpid

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assimilation, and sanguification are carried on ; and, secondly, as an

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In order to co-operate systematically with the Smithsonian In-

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the patient's waking from his first sleep, and he is, at times, incapable

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but little above the normal for a day or two, when it subsided completely.

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milk ; as milk-gruel, arrowroot, or sago. In the absence of diarrhoea,

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inflicted at the last annual meeting, of neglecting to call for the

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and progressively woi'se ; the countenance paler and more sunken ;


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