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of which these patients complain more certainly than any other local
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55. A still more fatal cause of debility and disease is the abuse of
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In conclusion, we desire to express our warmest thanks to Professor
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tinguishing malarial fever from yellow, typhoid, typhua, and aH
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growth of ascites, form important means of diagnosis.
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will illustrate this branch of our subject, not by oar own observa-
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the nose ; the pulse diminishing in frequency, and becoming more full
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eonatitation of the blood In health— The composition of the blood varies, not
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spheric pressure varies but little, and that through slow and long
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rhages from the stomach are often periodical, bearing a close relation to
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18. In extreme cases of hereditary predisposition, all or several ot
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impure air ; impure water ; low and damp situations ; the summer
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of zinc ; leeches. General. — Phosphoric acid ; lemon-juice ; musk ;
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» Berl. klin Woch., 1886, No. 32. » Ibid., No. 4, 1889.
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change within and around the machinery, and thus generate the
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which takes the shape of the internal surface of the uterus.
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just under the planter arch. The second strip is applied vertically, and
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Malarial Poison; and the Diversity of the Manifestation of
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mation. It is obvious that there are two ways in which these minute
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we dare not advance in the present state of our knowledge ; be-
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thrived until the age of eight months, when the symptoms of scurvy
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and inflammation of the cerebrospinal system do arise in the progress of
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reasonable assurance of success. The absence of hydrochloric-acid produc-
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favorable arrangement for the accumulation and manifestation of ani-
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This table farther shows that ia certain states of the system — as
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soothe existing irritation by the opium. The local treatment, in the


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