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equally obscure ; the prognosis of the disease, when recognized, is in
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often enable us to judge of the cause by which it is produced. Thus
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Dura mater and arachnoid membrane normal ; bloodvessels of
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little or no nourishment, so that this is the urine of starvation.
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ten instances of heart affection in 108 cases of erythema nodosum. In
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spica bandage, and the patient told to report in two or three days for
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sound will vary directly as the quantity of lung beneath the part
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affected side of the heart, and so lay the foundations of other severe
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of abode, employment, diet, and mode of life. In speaking of age, it
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this sound, existing in the trachea when filled with fluid. It has been
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respiration, circulation, and temperature, affords the most valuable
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adopts. Some of the more important methods are described in a
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culation, both general and capillary, was increased somewhat in
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dropsies, and eqaal to destruction of these important constituents
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and that the present attack was of the nature of an acute congestive or
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also unusual, and seldom penetrates as far as the muscular coat.
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and sitting is greater than that between sitting and lying, is inverted
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organ. In a few cases the disease is quite unexplained by any morbid
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the patient is well and strong, is able to do her housework and be about
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one extremity to the other. The liver is reduced to its rudimen*
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hectic fevers, and is probably the chief ingredient in the acid liquors


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