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3. Drastic purgatives, of which croton oil, in doses of one or two
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strong liq. ammonise, sinapisms, or hot turpentine, may be applied
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tongue for three-fourths of an inch dean, dry, glazed, and d *
what is axert 12.5 mg used for
slightly sulphurous. Biver water, however, is used for the most
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a wrong collocation, action, and reaction of elements, and would, so
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microscopical analysis. Numberless insuperable difficulties lie in
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the malarial poison 7 or were they the results of the action of the
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used, the time required for narcosis, the frequent absence of suffocation, sali-
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sician will be led to stop at the most obvious symptom, and to direct
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bodies, and of exciting the forces by which they are surrounded, and
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nister immediately, and follow with castor oil in four hoars.
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entrance into the joint, so as to be able to remove accurately all diseased
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gard; pulse 128; skin hot and dry; respiration thoracic, labored,
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natural character. Hence, the former class of cases will be found to
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ocular defect of any sort; another, examined by Dr. D'Oench, was
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followed by absorption of the vertebrae ; inanition, by pres.sing on the
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19. The cough has been better. The spleen is not so large as at
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was found to act, increasing the blood-pressure immediately on injection, and
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pain in the back. Two or three red spots came out on the skin.
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affinity, and electricity, are correlative ; that is, they can mutually
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such profound alterations of the blood, spleen, and liver had taken
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as one and the same anatomical process is in keeping with the modern
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children of mothers suffering from active tuberculosis may be occa-
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ployed in the past to cover both functional and organic renal disturb-
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pital three hoars ago, at 6 o'clock P. M^ in an almost inseait
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