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with advantage. In scrofulous infants brought up by the hand, the
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important. Both heat and cold cause the muscles to contract, and
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action and reaction are always equal, this heat will be given out again when the
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21,592, with a mean of 17,788; under a diet of starch, from 14,3S9
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placed and have lost their shape. Some of these cells may still show
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lessness. After a short time (in the course of one, two, or three days),
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abscess in any instance, though it cannot be considered a constant symptom,
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Both wrists and the backs of the hands and of the fingers are swollen
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hour until a stool is obtained, or calomel in divided doses may be preferred.
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tageously adopted. He represents the food as undergoing two changes
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talks with a loud voice, but is apt to faint on the slightest motion ;
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stimulus of light to the eye, the sensibihty of the retina is so increased,
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the stethoscopic signs of those diseases. From angina pectoris, by the
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to a great extent, and the fibrin and albumen are in a measure
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<■ <• <a •• V <• M ■• • * *
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TPvEATMENT. — I. Of incipient phthisis. II. Of confirmed phthisis.
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and Traumatic Injury of the Cord form the subject of the following
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no such permanent member shall be entitled to receive a copy of
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increase, or at any rate remains stationary, constituting an opprobium medi-
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are contemplating operations upon the central or peripheral nervous
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duced great exhaustion. Tongue clean and much moister and
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alteration is made, with the exception of transferring Hydro-
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veins, with a languid circulation of blood through the part, which is
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cases, the fever assumes the typhoid character, and the patient sinks
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often cedematous, the skin dry, and there is nausea with urgent thirst.
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examinations have shown the presence of fat in large quantities in the
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earliest stages of convalescence of remittent fever, the urea, as in
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Unfavourable. — Painful cramps of the extremities ; convulsions ;


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