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Subsequent sensory disturbances are not constant for all cases. Spots

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cerebral capillaries. The condition is not in any way associated Avith

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dix without symptoms or local pathologic changes ; hence they are

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hospital, Dr. Frank C. Richardson, who has been appointed

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been the cause of death. The condition being associated with septic

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liver, Avhich may be the seat of secondary involvement. The absence

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There may be differences in the number and size of the fat-globules in

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such a study, interesting and helpful as it unquestionably would

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effected. Strumitis runs a less favorable course for the reasons men-

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the occurrence of a slight leakage at the tricuspid valve may be the

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swallowing should be secured as far as possible. The sipping of hot

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follicular tonsillitis, and pneumonitis. The renal changes in these cases

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Ktiology. — Predisposing causes are age, sex, temperament, and

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tions : — The proving of the drug on the healthy individual, the

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any lapse of time or has but a vague idea. If carefully watched for, fine

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one year of age, and a little more than one death in four was of

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several of my own cases the amount of urine passed was out of all pro-

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that the cause of the liigli iiioi-tality-rate among infants in hot weather

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is greatly swollen and reddened, and in some instances shows erosions

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irritability or inertia of mind, depression of energy, and a more or less

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of congenital or traumatic origin. Most cases of intestinal strangulation

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present in urine make the copper tests fallacious by reducing the

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distino:uished from certain other gastric affections. The detection of

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anterior surface of the thigh, the knee-joint, and the inner surface of

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the albumin-content, which is from two to three times greater with pye-

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sero-fibrinous effusions complicating rheumatism are absorbed with rapidity

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body defense by destroying the ameboid functions of the cells."

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The existence of leukocytosis can best be determined by the examination

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of dullness over the left iliac fossa and a distinct area of pain on

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pound tincture of benzoin have been added ; the steam is then collected

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est "]2 years. Of course these extremes of age would make us

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in hemorrhage or concussion, or more commonly psychical influences.

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casts persisting, however, until, after an interval of weeks or months,

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expressed great regret that we could not meet together again, and answer


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