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from the region of the heart, by leeching or cupping ; followed by
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A New Method of Measuring the Outlet of the Pelvis.
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unless it be expressly desired ; and, in this last case, to request
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proaching in color the bronze hue of the malarial fever liver ; the
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health. Aperients, a bland farinaceous diet, and pure air, with
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Varieties. — Each epidemic of fever differs somewhat from another.
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for the operation, and as far as possible freedom from the disfigurement
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to the eruption of measles, and occasionally difficult to distinguish
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practical suggestions growing out of his more recent anatomical studies of
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the knee. When paralysis ceases in one limb, and seizes another, we
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a while the lithsemic state is complicated by the presence of an elongated
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much from the analysis of substances rejected from the stomach, or
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in attendance upon the sessions of the Association, previously to
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In the child, the abdomen is large; in the spare adult, small ; in the
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446. Several interesting cases of ocula spectra, so closely resembling
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to relieve the fetor of the expectoration in foul-smelling cases of bronchiec-
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logist may also determine the relations of remedial agent to the
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induced in the constituents of the blood and organs, by the malarial poi-
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as my observations extend, attended by a marked diminution of
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HC1, has no digestive action after many hours in the thermostat. The
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plained of nothing. Whilst sick on board the ship, he complained
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oi^ns, all display more or less of disturbance in their functions, corresponding to
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have spasm of left arm, usually continue playing without paying atten-
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Instead of the rheumatic dyscrasia affecting the joints it may lodge
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guishing muscular pains of the abdomen. A slight touch throws the
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monia, in doses of from five to ten grains, with wine, or with the
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large portion of the surface of the liver presented the healthy Span-
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tures ; and this is inferred from the fact that all the secretions are
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and determine their physical, chemical, physiological, and patho-
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coloured xirine ; and constipation. There is a slight aggraration of


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