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some doubt is entertained of the propriety of administering stimuli.

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cal irritation applied to a nerve of sensation, whilst the slightest


of the teiTus hemiplegia or paraplegia, and in this case receives the

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congestion of the bloodvessels around, by no means accounted for

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Volta'fl immortal disoovery demoBstrated the relation between

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therapy, all of which recovered. The treatment was as follows : Cloths

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lodged the liver, kidneys, generative apparatus, and greater portion

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being thick and ropy. Upon close inspection, the \nle was found

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bitter infusions ; or the acetate of lead, 'in doses of two grains, with

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conjunction is much more marked, and hence in early life diarrhoea is

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rigors, and no severe pains in the head, back, or limbs ; but the

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ascribing them to a state of repletion of the vessels and oedema of the

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in some places it has a milky appearance and alkaline taste, ren-

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degree of hectic fever; great frequency of pulse and respiration;

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In tbis report of tbe symptoms of tbis patient, we have a demon-

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some gentle stimulant in solution, as ammonia, camphor, turpentine,

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Diagnosis. — From ascites, by the absence of fluctuation, and by

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cases it may diminish the sugar without increasing the albumin. It should

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in the blood; whilst the phosphates, and fat, and albumen were

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name and address in full, specifying in what capacity he attends,

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prove an effectual laxative. Constipation is also apt to occm' in

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land was destroyed, the salubrity of the vicinity was firmly esta-

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escape of the liquor amnii, especially in cases of contracted pelvis, is more

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attempt to mo\^e them occasions great pain. The pupils of the eye

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to swallow ; by haemorrhage from the separation of sloughs ; by the

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eased organ) could be detected elsewhere than in the stomach ; in others the bowels

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which a clinical diagnosis of atrophy was thus made were reported by

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kinds from the effects of local inflammations ; for in the former the

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until the reaction is decidedly alkaline, it be held in the sanshine,


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