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ing in consistence to the character of pus, and the result of plem-itis.
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to make such arrangements as may be required for the proper transaction of its
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fresh coagulable lymph, and this in its turn is organized so as to form
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upper extremities after the lower had completely recovered.
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intermittent and continued fevers, and at the commencement of all
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by stupor, in which cases it is withdrawn after an interval, and as if
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Class IX. Diseases of the Locomotive System, Unchanged.
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ascertaining the activity of pepsin and of lab formation, the secretion
a silk ligature, likewise the third branch. Then the dural sheath enveloping
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and in general the time which is necessary for it to regain the normal is
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that this fever most frequently attacks those whose constitutions
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his patient. But ultimate recovery iiot seldom disappoints his fears,
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but when liquids are taken in excess with the food, they are removed
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marked lithaemic condition, and we will help not only the condition of
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degrees below the normal standard. In this state of things we bl
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With all due deference, therefore, for the opinion originated in


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