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surer's report. The aggregate amount, including paper, composi-
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blood, by its direct action upon the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal
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filled with light yellow fluid. When the medulla oblongata^ and
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greater advantage have been added to the introductory chapter, or might
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had already broken into several fragments. Those of others had lost in a
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but generally greater on the one side than on the other. In the
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Spain ; and the islands of the Northern Atlantic, namely, Madeira,
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grape raised on the sunny side of our mining hills is sweeter and more luscious,
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lemonade as a beverage ; fat and oily articles of food.
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microscope or telescope, until he learned to avoid it by keeping open the eye
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causes remarkable partial and transverse contractions, which are best
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profession, yet for strength, integrity, and precision in all the great
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following was adopted as one of the ordinances, or by-laws of the
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generis, liable to be complicated with, but not caused by, local affec-
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A Fatal Case op Excision of the Gasserian Ganglion.
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places in which it makes its appearance are generally the wrist and


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