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vertical or oblique incision.. Caustic should never be used for this

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staining liver cells. There are also small, circumscribed areas of liver

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narcotics, and tonics, affect the circulation through their action on the

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Prognosis. — Very unfavourable. In a few cases relief is given by

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that both the capillary circuUUion and the general circulation tviU Is

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Further examination of the patient was now made. The blood was

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Dr. Mattingly, of Kentucky, from the Special Committee on

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urgent, the expectoration more abundant, the emaciation and weak-

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Blagden,' and others,^ have shown that when animals and man were

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brain, either at birth or before the full evolution of the understanding.

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not be regarded as an indication of disease. The respiratory murmur

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entirely beyond the control of the willy because they are due to aberrated

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some few fibres of the pneumo-gastric ; and the external ganglionic,

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Exciting. — Hard drinking ; previous attacks of rheumatism ; ob-

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and the cause of the disease is removed, and the patient is coots-

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French petit mal, in contradistinction to the foregoing, which is

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as they are useless. Those usually given are assafoetida, fetid spirits

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nous capsule of the simple ascidiae. The researches of Odier,' Las-

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out any cardiac murmur, but it is indicated in these cases occasionally

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lored clot, which filled almost the entire cavity. The lefb auricle

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few seconds ; but in some cases it persists for several minutes. In

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132. The want of power to assimilate one or other of the staminal

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other by the late Mr. Abernethy. The latter plan has lately been

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A perfect method of analyzing the blood will never be obtained,

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tui'gid, and of a livid hue ; at others it is morbidly pale and con-

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cept the triceps and supinator longus ; on the left side the triceps, supinator

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Markwick. Philadelphia, 1848. Physical, Chemical, and Physiological Investiga-

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of the doctrine of the lever and some important properties of the


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