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of my labors are now presented with the hope that others of far

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of human monstrosities. 5 By this term is meant the more or less

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connected with this attack of malarial fever. Bloodvessels of the

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mended by Pringle and Laennec. When the patient is aware of the

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ties of those diseases. The countenance is expressive of anxiety ; the

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than it is, the tides of the oceans would hare mn so high that large tracts «f

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in other series of ovarian tumors found in those not pregnant, but 4 per cent,

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clinical features of chronic interstitial nephritis, in which uraemia was

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The next amendment, lying over from last year, was the propo-

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which was far more serious than the preceding cases, we obserTO

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transformed from a vast marsh into the beautiful Piazza del Popolo;

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the disease, as met with by us, and the treatment based thereon.

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that each of the members has been, for several years, much inte-

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from the end of November throughout December. There remains

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reacfon ; carbonate of ammonia is formed, and may be detected by

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of the changes of the elements. In warm-blooded animals, which

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consisted chiefly in the use of large doses of diluted HC1. Special treat-

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impeding the escape of the bile and the flow of blood indaces great

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commonly used are unnecessary and often injurious. A bland fari-

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