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of the mucous membrane, may be cured most effectually by removing

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4. Fracture of the orbital walls (inner or under), causing enlargement

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Remedies. — Calomel and opium ; tartar-emetic and opium ; digi-

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cumstances a measure of the wants of the frame, sometimes deceives

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chiefly palliative. When accompanied by decided marks of inflamma-

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no hematuria. The liver and spleen were slightly enlarged. There was

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Symptoms. — At an uncertain time, ranging from three or four

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changed, and if bed-sores should form, he must be placed upon a

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information by giving clear answers to interrogatoriea, than by the

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diluted tincture of iodine into the abscess cavity, that such favorable

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port ; in congestive dropsy dependent on organic disease, medicines

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bination of ammonia (ammon. sesq., gr. v), camphor fgr. v), and aro-

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away the impurities of the atmosphere and land. An analogous

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malarial poison is drawn into the round of chemical changes, and

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some cases a slight and momentary delirium, and if the patient sleep,

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Prognosis. — Favourable. Moderate and fi-ee expectoration; the

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by counter-irritants to the chest, epigastrium, and extremities ; by

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•OOOaooo»OCDoo03aoiQO^'^«oe4i-ipHCDe« ce ^aO'4'O Q «0

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confirmation of this view that a strong contraction of the abdominal

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than 100 mm., or say 4 inches per hour, the aperture being gradually en-

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whieh an animal was seen to suffer by Haller. 4. The galvanic agent producing

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the aberrated muscular and nervous phenomena would be doe to

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action through the whole length of their fibres, and, in certain cases,

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mucous membrane to a greater or less extent. This redness is observed

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few days longer, the patients might have been brought into tbe

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convertible into nourishment ; such as the green matter of vegetables,

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in that direction, will be most distinct at the left of the sternum, be-

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striking exemplification of the influence of cerebral excitement over the oapillaiy

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atmosphere of specific localities, and that their remote causes are

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motions of the voluntary muscles in epilepsy being increased, in apo-


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