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and the labor he accomplished in this state was truly astonishing. No one knew

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trusting that nineteen out of twenty readers will never take

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thirteen, yet I think that the record shows good reason for believing

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it was one remarkably well adapted to the use of a freezing mix-

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was perfectly quiet. On suspending the remedy the convulsive symptoms

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the life-giving current to the poor sufferer. Friends are

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fering from the disease, and so strikingly did the history of

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domineering dictation of the University. These schools that were regard-

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temus muscle, commencing about an inch above the fistulous

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apparently viable, had been soft, and the patient had died a week

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On Compression of the Arteries for the cure of Xeuralgia. By M<

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though at different points and to different degrees, we should also

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tient and the protection of society demand as unqualifiedly, that the

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The opening of the sinus is a frequent occurrence in

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the suggestion of Halsted, any large veins present in the cord

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papilla?, confined to the upper part of the septum narium, to which

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guishing variola and varioloid, from varicella ; and as I desire to

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The prominences before mentioned were opened to-day, by

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of explosive and sand. The lids are usually so much

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chronic eroding gastric ulcer, so-called in contradistinction to

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University. Our dearest aspirations are entwined with its interests

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ances already noticed, and for two days no danger was appre-


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