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incj^es of.imix^idtg^es^j qf Avhich 5.5 cubic inches

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the circulation is not reestablished, and necrosis or gangrene results. We

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ilir' method is of <.'reatcst value. The most imiioitant lindinyrs are as

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were "rickets," and that from this heterogeneous group many of the bone

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William Withering Arnold, M.D. Physician to the Infirmary

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with the production, by various parts of the pituitary, of "hormones,"

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ill tlie explanation of liioelleiiiieal pi-oeesses is \eiy eNtensi\«". .Most of

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is a cardinal early symptom, especially nocturnal polyuria; in many cases

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\h III- n,..||„„is „,• Van Sl>k,. an,l S,,|.,.ns..„. .|..s..,.ih,.,l. h.m.-v.

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nance with absence of the characteristic flat cells from the bladder would

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In some cases the duration of the disease is only a few months, but in other

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the arterial hi I piessii:e (.li. the hrain volume iC) and the intra

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• 'onfirniatory results have lieeii seeured hy ol)ser\ ations on mammals

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Star\;i(inn ends in ,l..;illi in an a.liill man in soiiicw hat n\rr n,,,

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osteo-arthritis. In the congenital cases, or cases which develop very early

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reflex of the arteries is exceptionally bright.^ In some of these cases the

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:inil leads to an hydremic pletlnua, with a consei|iu'nt ini'rease in eapil-

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!- Ml) adequate evideiiee af llie pieseiit time wliieli eiuiiiles us to loento

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a careful urine examination should be made, with the use of the cystoscope,

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of the attack of Raynaud's disease. The parsesthesia may be marked,

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the ages of three and fourteen ; 76 between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five,

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closely resembling tuberculosis of the prostate. The cystoscopic picture of

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differentiate the two conditions. Metastatic abscesses in pyaemia will at

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oT morln.l ■■oinlition. It is srlf ,.\ i,|,.nt that ( \ ithoiil any kiiou hvltf.'

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was swelling of one leg. The frequency and difficulty of urination are similar

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an- partially dei;en<'iat.'d or atrophied, as in oh! people, then it is po>

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the jiressurc of tlie blood lloHinf from the .luricle oh their upper aspc ~


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