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alterations in the liver and spleen during the active stages of mala-
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is tenderness at the epigastrium, a warm bread-and-water poultice may
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trunk. This state of things is attended by shivering of the muscki
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further distinguished as dry and moist — the dry being due to the
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Attending Physician to Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago. With 80 illus-
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as they increase in complexity ; and secondly of animals in various
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crease of frequency. Sometimes this symptom is almost the first to
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Prognosis. — Favourable. The concomitant fever purely inflam-
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the organ. They complain of palpitations, difficulty of breathing,
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between dura and bone. Bone replaced. Scalp wound closed by con-
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of the heart, and this sound often remains when the to-and-fro sound
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color is good ; tongue is clean. The gums are not spongy (her mother
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strength, and repetition of the stimulant will have to be carefully
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petite, an eruption appears : first on the back, consisting of small
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able quantity of albumin without casts. The marked elective incidence of
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functional causes, whether the colour be white, yellow, greenish,
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puscles are not destroyed in the liver of typhoid fever, as tbe/^
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injecting water, arrived at the following results. The numbers
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of no pain ; and, before the complete loss of reason, said that he
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In this healthy locality, contrary to expectation, the headache-
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by a fatal termination. Notwithstanding the administration of the
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which tracheotomy was deemed necessary — i.e., where asphyxia was threatened
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ning some days before consultation, responded rapidly to a combination of ^ s
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he would designate the cuticle- and cortex-destroying varieties trichophyta
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meningeal artery was found intact, and no trouble was encountered from it.
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man who had strangury and haematuria, after taking oil
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in its present condition. Destroy the mutual attraction of bodies,
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II. In confirmed phthisis — that is to say, where suppuration has
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A letter from Dr. Stephen Smith, of New York, from the
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uraemia. Recently Hughes and Carter 4 have added very important
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and the aged, and lean persons are said to have more blood than
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eases of man, have all been elevated by those forces, which rocked
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this fact leads us to institute an examination and comparison of the
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tumour, the irregular ulceration, the acute lancinating pain, and the
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