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rated during decomposition of the urea, form the so-called critical
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the increase amounted to ^ of the capacity of the vessel. The larger
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the age at which it occurs ; acute rheumatism being not uncommon in
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pointed by the President on the first day of each annual meeting,
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cold water, followed by friction ; the moderate employment of the
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lating those vessels into activity. There can be no doubt that the
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This case yielded far more readily to the action of the sulph. of
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administered day after day, till the patient recovers. As the eva-
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excretions, would in turn act in concert with the disturbing agent
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resultants of the forces of the sun, acting through special organs of
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dissipation and debauchery ; excessive sexual intercourse ; onanism.
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calculate the moist blood-corpuscles by the formula of C. Schmidt,
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patient. Not so, however, with the latter (quinia); the pernicious
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mical phenomena, are similar in all bodies, differing in degree and
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swollen, livid, and spongy; haemorrhages fiom the gums, nostrils,
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the heart, and discovered what I conceived might be considered the eaose lal
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in warm than in cold-blooded animals, because the number of the
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parts of the brain with which they communicate, the same state which
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memory, faltering speech, heemorrhage from the nose, flashes of light,
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Class V. Dismses of ike Oirculaiory System, Unchanged.
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Table Y. -^Employment of Population over 15 years of age, and
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number of cases ; but the presence of the disease is generally recog-
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The researches of astronomers are constantly enlarging our con-
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The first and most obvious requisite for a practitioner is the faci-
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so much exhausted that it is doubtful whether it will rally.
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affords free drainage for the endocervicitis, and it seems quite possible
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duced, shock from blows on the head, extraction of the kidney, and
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andreprecipitated with alcohol, and which has the power of causing eleva-
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mass being composed of granular debris and chromatin globules of various
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the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal nervous systems, or by the
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often remains for many days ; and in cases where the pustules have been
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be slight and under perfect control. The traction of the vaginal walls
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