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ment of the institution was vested in a Board of Trus-

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discovered w T hich pursues an indolent course. It does not occasion

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tion in the body. The urates and uric acid are most frequently in-

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thumb and fingers. All the symptoms do not appear at the same

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When I present the following bill-of-fare, I do not contradict what

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These are not well known. They frequently appear to result in

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Amendment of 1808 — Tlie faculty in 1807 — Opening of the first

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fever is very great, as will be seen from the following.

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N. S. Davis, M. D., LL.D., Chicago, 111., — born in State of New

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commissions, formerly allowed to the registrar, treas-

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At the first session of the College after its reor-

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very long. For weeks or months the patient may complain of fa-

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admits of subvarieties. The interossei doubtless i)la3'^ an important

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sical effusions. They are prescribed in rheumatism for the purpose

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inactive pupils. Other kinds of paralyses have also been described, such as

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joint affection shows the same tendency to shift and vary its seat ;


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