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tion be tendered to the retiring officers for the faithful and assiduous
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action seriously disturbed, and this disturbance will give rise to a
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lyse the muscles of the face and of the entire body, including the
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as to provide that no individual who shall be under sentence of
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((/.) If purgatives be administered, without being followed vitk
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should not be excreted in the urine. — 11 Policlinico, 1895, No. 11, p. 337.
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region of the heart may also be used with advantage.
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the finger and thumb, or the crepitation of a healthy lung distended
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ply of exterior force, or a steam engine accomplish mechanical
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organic development of animals, are in proportion to tbe rapidity
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prosecution of various scientific inquiries, which no published
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happened in consequence of the treatment adopted, or independent of
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In the October, 1894, number of this Journal we expressed a wish
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gangrene has set in, it may be sufficient to apply chloride of soda or
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ascertain its existence. The inflammation, when it occurs, may
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diminished, as well as the colored blood-corpuscles.
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tion. It is also increased by straightening or stretching the lower
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increased (diarrhoea). Finally, Rudel showed that the proportion of lime
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are weakness and lameness in one of the legs ; and, though the limb be
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vomiting ; a sensation of cold, or a pain arising in some part of the
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ances are sometimes accompanied by inflammation of the mesenteric
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as the frontal sinus ; the teeth, maxillary, malar, palate, nasal, sod
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and disease upon the ancestors, and even upon the races; would
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Definition. — A continued fever, of slight degi-ee and short dura-
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force of the spasm which it occasions, is generally relieved hy firm
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called the serosity. It consists of salivin, casein, lactic acid, and
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Treatment. — Indications. I. To moderate or remove the in-
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thological changes, are they capable of producing in the solids and
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and indentation of coasts which are characteristic of the entire continent. The


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