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A morbid condition of blood connected with gout is another frequent
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by inducing chemical changes in the elements of the blood and myast,
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tsoeen the head and abdomen, known to physicians in aU ages*" — ^p. 97.
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should be freely exposed to the air ; the bed-clothes and clothes of the
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" The communication formed by the par vagum or pneumogastric between the
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consumed, chemically altered, and converted into excrementitious
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brain, and in some of the higher nerves of sense. These observa-
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twelve hours ; more generally they remain for many days, and fre-
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in, makes rapid progress both within the mouth and on the surface,
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of acute diseases, must necessarily be attended by a destruction, to
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above the pubes, or in the perinfeum ; frequent micturition, painful
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slight clouds consisting of mucus form in the urine, and gradually fall
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653. The fallaciousness of the pulse has passed into a proverb, and
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pendicular plate from the vomer, the bone with the attached superficial
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only the merest traces of pepsin and rennin, in their zymogen or forma-
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it shall be the duty of all magistrates, clergymen and others, who perform
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water poured upon the forehead, and allowed to trickle over the face
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1 For namerons experiments on this tubjeot, see the anthor's inyesiig&tioDS,
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culation and respiration and action of the sympathetic nervous systefin;
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British and Foreign Medical Review, article 18, Oct., 1844. Carpenter's Principles
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salt. Nay, we will go farther, and declare that we believe many
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those remedies on the healthy frame. But the great obstacle to the
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a little to the right of the mesial line, and about the centre of the
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salts is the same in the feces of rhachitics and of non-rhachitics when the
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On Manifestations of Disea^of Nerve Centres. — Dr. C. B. Chap-
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all the diseases which have approached the epidemic character in
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permanent slow pulse, etc.), and terminate frequently by sudden death.
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Case 5. This was the next that came under my own care, and,


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