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develop in the presence of hydrochloric acid is well known. Its presence,
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Symptoms. — Rigors, lassitude, weariness, severe pains in the head,
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the increase amounted to ^ of the capacity of the vessel. The larger
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trol of the nervous power. Willis* asserted the distinction between
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fuller; respiration 20, regular. Temperature of atmosphere, 71.5°
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was light golden. The color was not of the bright, deep golden
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The father has suffered much at times with rheumatism ; the mother
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sociation, accompanied by Drs. W. L. Sutton, C. H. Spilman, W.
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be brought about by prompt measures when congestion exists ; in-
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legs, pain in the limbs ; the reflexes are preserved ; there is no coffee-paralysis.
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palpable ; no colic ; no spots. Recently the cough has returned, and
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the slightest touch occasions pain. This is a sufficient objection to
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If the chemical actions developing an unusual amount of heat
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interspersed with petechiae. The sudden disappearance of the eruption,
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lessness, violent excitement, and incoherence. The patient sat up in
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about the patellse on flexing them, due, as Dr. Keen and I thought, to
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this morning contained, urea 8.686 ; uric acid, a trace, a few sodl
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mation of one eye is often followed by inflammation of the other ;
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planetary bodies, came to the conclusion that our system contained
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stimulate the fancy of the sleeper to the invention of connected histories
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tion was not reached until some time after the beginning of the fits,
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that otherwise would surely die. In some cases, particularly in those that
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spinal nervoas systems. The restlessness, the feeling of compfcte
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temperament; with posture, time of day, sleep, exercise, food, mental
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hours. When the urine was evaporated to the consistence of a
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cence, and the urine assumed a dirty-brownish yellow color, and
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progress may annually be made. The lead in this great enterprise
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all objects seen by the patient are tinged of the same colour; the pulse
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as excitants to the nervous systems. Through the agency of these
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especially or essentially affected in idiopathic fevers, as the heart, bloodveasels,
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of ascites. For this conclusion, the great number returned under
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of the forces of matter. In precisely the same manner do we infer


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