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of other portions of the lung, which frequently accompanies pneumonic de-
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The atheroma which causes aortic insufficiency is often of gouty origin,
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as to interfere with the general health of the patient and bring about
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limited number of gentlewomen can be admitted under special agreements to
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the living tissues, influence the prognosis. Its duration is from two days
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thesia of the limbs, and then fever. A diagnosis is possible in most cases
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years. My records of chronic phthisis give an average duration of three
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qucntly of palpitation than tliuse who are the subjects of organic disease ;
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with a dilute mineral acid, or nitrate of silver. In weak children, when the
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the tumor for about fifteen minutes. Should both poles be applied to
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much increased by flexing the thigh upon the abdomen. Eigors and fe-
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unfavorable. When the discharge takes place into the intestines, stomach,
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symptoms are those of profound shock, which may be attended with
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the anasarca may be developed independent of such exposure. The ana-


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