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about three inches in diameter, the liver was of a dark-bluish slate
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chiefly of vegetables. Occasional symptoms must be treated by ap-
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does not extend beyond the portion of the nerve to which the narcotic
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the color appeared darker than normal. Many of the corpuscles
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very extensive and precise information on all the subjects which can
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objectively morbid condition, though their physiological functions be re-
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ture the heart has but little resistance to overcome. Hence, when the
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metres ; the others are small roundish oval ulcers and involve the soli-
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but clearly identified by its entrance into the round foramen, was secured by
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some doubt is entertained of the propriety of administering stimuli.
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stimulants, his respiration has become regular; his pulse dover
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be fully noticed hereafter under the proper heads. It illostrates in
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coloured xirine ; and constipation. There is a slight aggraration of
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the knife, discharges through a single opening, or by several small
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Morbid Anatomy. — The alimentary canal filled with a white
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improved, the optic neuritis almost disappeared; the hearing which had been
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terize approaching syncope. It is brought about by the abstraction
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Diagnosis. — From rheumatism or neuralgic pains of the abdominal
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never departing from a certain diet and only returning occasionally for treat-
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This patient had been sick but five or six days, and the fever
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gogue cathartics ; and if we desire to promote the secretion of the
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had died from the different types of malarid fever, intermittent^
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its presence is rarely recognised till it has made considerable progress.
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1 Noticed but twice in many examinations in Case I., and never encountered in the others.
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A New Method of Operating for the Cure of Superficial
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although curable, gastritis, in which, without atrophy of the tubules,
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separately they fuse with great difficulty ; but when combined in
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wish to state that although it is not always possible to distinguish with
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and trabeculaB appeared to be so altered in structure that the
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Passler {Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Nervenheilkunde, Bd. vi. p. 21) has anal-
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while in 6 cases of face-presentation an error was made in diagnosticating
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the sound is clearer dui'ing inspiration than during exj^iration. If,
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553. Inspection. — A well-formed chest is large in all its dimensions,
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three or four times a-day, especially in cases of incipient phthisis.
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the cyanuric acid, &c. Several substances taken with the food, such
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vations thus far recorded do not enable us to settle this question
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chaska believed that the ganglia of the sympathetic system were
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being a primary and not a secondary affection. From the delirium of
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apply blisters to the back of the neck and over epigastric region.
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1 ' -^ &!:: = : = 2 = = 51 1. 1= g. 1— Ij r t
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the normal for several days, but fell as the urine increased in quantity
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have forced upon my mind the conclusion that, so far as these Asp-
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connective tissue, and those peculiar formations generally known as
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may be inferred to be the imperfect oxygenation of the carbon contained
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excising any portion of the cortex which can macroscopically be seen to


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